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Masking tips for mutant coronavirus

As more and more contagious variants of Covid-19 are being discovered, it’s important to make sure your masks are doing their job. In addition to the basics of wearing masks around people who aren’t in your household and maintaining 6ft social distance, here are some tips:

1) n95/Kn95 masks are the best options we have. Use those if possible. However, they are expensive and in limited supply.

2) Surgical masks (the blue ones) are better than cloth masks. But cloth masks are still effective.

3) Double masking offers extra protection and still allows the wearer to breathe comfortably. Cloth masks should be worn over surgical masks. Wearing two cloth masks also works. The CDC and Infectious Disease experts are recommending double masking if n95/Kn95 masks are not available.

4) Wash your masks regularly. Ideally after every use, but after 2-3 uses is acceptable.

5) Try your best to only touch the straps of the masks, and wash your hands or sanitize after handling your masks.

6) Communities that were able to achieve high rates of mask usage have been able to lower coronavirus transmission rates.

Numbers, at least in California, are slowly starting to look better so let’s keep up the good work!

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