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Founder: Ezekiel Adigun, MD

Dance, stretching, aerobics, and mindfulness with the musculoskeletal and preventative healthcare knowledge of a UCSF physician.


Welcome to Dancing with your Doctor!

We target common aches and pains while also giving you fun dance moves you can try out at the next wedding or birthday party! 

Dancing with your Doctor is the brain child of Ezekiel Adigun, MD. He is a Harvard University graduate and UCSF-trained physician dedicated to keeping individuals and communities healthy and active with his fun and innovative wellness program. He hopes to teach you all what he's learned about the interconnectedness of our health, mental and physical wellness, our bodies, and movement.

We have a suite of wellness topics that are based on the most common complaints at the primary care doctor's office. We also provide personal and group training services.

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