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Founder: Ezekiel Adigun, MD

Dance, stretching, aerobics, and mindfulness with the musculoskeletal and preventative healthcare knowledge of a UCSF physician.



Welcome to Dancing with your Doctor!

We target common aches and pains while also giving you moves you can try out at the next wedding or birthday party! During the covid-19 pandemic, all workshops are conducted virtually.

Dancing with your Doctor is the brain child of Ezekiel Adigun, MD. He is a Harvard University graduate and UCSF-trained physician dedicated to keeping individuals and communities healthy and active with his brand new wellness program. He hopes to teach you all what he's learned about the interconnectedness of our health, mental and physical wellness, our bodies, and movement.

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Eric Lu, CEO, Kapwing

As the co-founder of a Series A company, I work with a variety of vendors throughout the year to help our team build a culture of inclusivity, trust, and togetherness. I can say with confidence that very few have come close to the professionalism and dedication that Ezekiel Adigun has shown for us at Kapwing.

Ezekiel Adigun has led various dance workshops for employees of our company, most recently in March of 2020. Ezekiel’s workshop turned into our employee’s most popular social event in the last year.

Ezekiel consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the comfort, health, and safety of everyone participating in his events. Dance workshops are a foreign concept to many of us in the tech industry and require a healthy sense of humor and level of relaxation around co-workers that can be difficult to achieve. Ezekiel was able to put our team immediately at ease and lead a 2 hour workshop that left everyone feeling positive and excited for more.

Ezekiel was a professional in all aspects of the work - he did not just teach the class, but he made sure to handle all aspects of the event from providing equipment like speakers, music, and setup, as well as staying to record individual dances so that our employees and company had memories of the event. Had it not been for Ezekiel, there is no doubt that having our employees learn a dance together would have been a clunky, awkward experience. 



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